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I forgot to post this the other day. I think this is ok for me to blog about now!~

These are some of the badges I made for Kitacon’s conbags this year, there’s about 850 in this photo; I ended up making 1165+!

They got a good reception from people whilst I was there. ///. 100 of these were ones of Scowny’s face (I think people really liked those ones XD) unfortunately I didn’t pour them all out and take a photo)

I designed them, the only thing I was told was to include the logo so I figured keeping it simple would be the best option ~ and even though I complained about them to a few people I actually really enjoyed making them all XD (with Rach’s help <3) Hopefully if I’m ever commissioned again I’ll have a badge cutter so I don’t have to cut them all out by hand XD

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